Choose our College Admission Package (CAP) or utilize a variety of a la carte services using our Hourly Package (which can be purchased in 10-hour increments). Inquire about our hourly rates.
Here’s what you can expect from each service:

Ten-Point College Admission Package (CAP)

Expert guidance from beginning to end throughout the college selection and application process. All a la carte services are included, plus ongoing strategic planning and support for the admissions process. 

Benefits exclusive to this College Admissions Package:

  • additional on-line personal assessment that focuses on career-area matches
  • guidance with the college research process and shaping final college list
  • essay support and final application review for up to eight colleges
  • second mock interview, if needed
  • ongoing support for choosing and pursuing extracurricular activities tailored to student’s particular interests and strengths
  • continuous educational support and advice to optimize student academic performance, which will benefit the student’s admission profile and help them transition successfully to the demands of college

Due to the extensive time commitment to each client, a limited number of these packages are available. CAP clients receive priority access to the consultant.

Prices for comprehension and a la carte are subject to change, including for surge pricing closer to admission deadlines.

A La Carte 

1. College Roadmap Evaluation

Includes 1 ½ hour personal meeting with Lead Counselor Stephanie Bartling, pre-meeting survey review, and write-up of recommendations.

This evaluation provides an overall assessment of the student’s position within the admissions and financial aid process. It covers strategic information on how to optimize admissions results based on the student’s individual strengths and interests. 

Recommendations include how to select the following to enhance possibility of college acceptance: 

  • standardized tests
  • course schedule
  • coursework priorities
  • recommendation writers
  • extracurricular activities
  • college match 

This package also includes targeted information about how to position yourself for the best possible financial aid outcome given all family financial considerations.

This service is advantageous for high school students in any grade who want to improve their position in preparation for the college selection and application process.

2. Activities Evaluation and Mapping

Includes 1 1/2 hour personal meeting, pre-meeting survey review, and write-up of recommendations.

Consultant will provide focused advice on choosing and pursuing activities tailored to a student’s personal and academic interests and strengths. This helps the student identify and develop his/her interests and explore college majors while bolstering qualifications for college applications. This is best done in the early years of high school to choose activities with high impact for student development and college profile while avoiding burnout caused by involvement in too many activities undertaken for the wrong reasons.

3.  Common Application Completion

Assist student with completing the Common Application through final review. Special attention will be given to the activities section to ensure that the applicant’s responses tell a story of student’s interest and how the student pursued them. Essays not included.

4.  Comprehensive College List

Consultant creates a list of personalized and targeted college options. The process takes into account all student and family factors including: 

  • student profile and preferences
  • possible major and minor
  • competitiveness of colleges
  • merit scholarships
  • financial considerations

The process begins with the student and parent completing surveys, sharing a transcript and activities list, and interviewing with the consultant. Based on all information collected, the consultant will create a highly personalized list of approximately 15-20 schools divided by Reach/Possible/Likely and suggested top-match colleges. This service is only available to CAP clients.

5.  Main Essay Development

Provide one-on-one support for writing a highly-personalized and compelling application essay, which becomes the foundation of applications. Writing this piece is a comprehensive process that begins with self-assessment and ends with a completed essay that reflects the special personal attributes of each student. In the writing process, students discover how to express themselves creatively and address personal writing issues that prevent them from progressing as writers.

Essay writing process includes:

  • educating students on genre of nonfiction personal essay 
  • brainstorming possible topics
  • choosing essay topic
  • outlining essay
  • re-crafting essay to editing stage
  • editing to final essay (between 4-8 drafts usually)
  • feedback from national-level writer Linda Lowen, see bio below and learn more at

6.  Supplementary Essay Development

Assist student to write unique supplementary essays, which are short writing pieces (usually 250 words) required at some colleges. These essays provide another opportunity for students to set themselves apart. 

7.  Resume

Complete resume for college application and/or future internships and employment.

8.  Interview Preparation

Provide commonly asked questions and complete mock interview with verbal and written feedback. This service helps student prepare for not only college admissions but also future internship and job interviews.

9.  College Research, Visits, and Communication Strategies

Teach student how to effectively research colleges, complete research for one school together, discuss which schools to further research virtually or with on-campus visits, and how to demonstrate interest in colleges to increase admissions profile.

10.  Final Decision and Financial Aid Review 

Support the student and family’s decision about which college to attend, including collecting information to help make the decision (visits or interviews), handling waitlist offers, and negotiating the best financial aid package possible for the student’s top choice college. Help student communicate with colleges about accepting or denying offers.

College Essay Review

This service is for the student who has already written a college application essay and wants expert feedback. The essay will be reviewed by Lead Counselor Stephanie Bartling and Writing Specialist Linda Lowen who will provide a written evaluation and suggestions for improvement. If the student would like more extensive support after receiving the evaluation, the cost of this essay review can be applied to the Main Essay support package. 

Special Talents Development and Recruitment
  • Art Portfolio Development and Evaluation: our professional artist and experienced portfolio reviewer, Erin Nowak (see bio on About page) will give feedback on artistic pieces of work and/or portfolio to help the artist create a cohesive and compelling portfolio that reflects the artist’s talents and style. Past students accepted to FIT, SCAD, TUFTS/MassArt joint program, Indiana University, Otis, and more.
  • Athletic recruitment: guide athletes on deciding goals for athletic participation in college and help create a successful recruiting strategy based on those goals, including communicating with coaches.

Academic and Admissions Success Package

9th and 10th graders: This package provides support and guidance for academic and personal growth, as well as increasing future success in the admissions process. It helps students define and pursue academic and extracurricular interests and address any issues that prevent them from fulfilling their potential in high school. It begins with student and parent surveys and interviews and a written evaluation of the student profile, followed by a goal-setting session and follow-up throughout the year. Consultant will meet with the student monthly (Sept-June) to provide supportive and strategic guidance to meet personal and educational goals.

11th graders: Juniors who have not started planning for the college admissions process, especially those aiming for competitive or merit-based scholarship, should start focusing their efforts at the beginning of their junior year for optimal results. Guidance includes extensive planning support for extracurricular activities, standardized test preparations and test dates, time management, and spring college research and/or visits.

First-Year College Support Package

After working hard to get into college, first-year students can lose momentum when they arrive on campus. They often don’t know how to navigate the system for choosing and getting the courses they want, tapping into advisor and professor guidance, accessing support resources, choosing activities, negotiating roommate situations, balancing time and adjusting to the increased academic demands. With monthly check-ins and additional meetings before registration, students will get the support and advice they need to take advantage of opportunities their first year and position themselves for continuing success throughout college.

General Educational Consulting

When students and parents have questions that don’t fit into the above categories, you can meet with a consultant on an hourly basis for supportive guidance. Questions could include deferrals/gap years, K-12 school choice, educational testing, underperformance or lack of academic motivation, and how to address academic challenges. We stay informed of the latest educational trends and information so we can provide valuable advice for individual situations. 

Pro Bono Consulting

Due to the inequities within our national education system, we are committed to bridging the gap by offering pro bono services. New Bridge recognizes that access to quality education should be a fundamental right for all, irrespective of socio-economic background. By providing free services, we aim to empower underserved communities, ensuring that every individual gains access to the benefits of college. 

Stephanie Bartling has provided over 25 years of pro bono services and each year she, Harry Bauld, and Linda Lowen provide fee consulting to students in need.

New Bridge is proud of our 2023 QuestBridge student who will attend Williams College, a top private liberal arts college.

To learn more about the above services, contact New Bridge Educational Consulting for a free 30-minute conversation.