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IEC Essay Review

Challenged by a student whose work is falling short of where it could be? Not sure that their essay is doing its job?

New Bridge’s IEC (Independent Educational Consultant) Essay Review offers you a top-level essay analysis with editing guidance and notes on how to implement changes with your student so you will have certainty by the end.

New Bridge provides a comprehensive essay review that critiques your student’s storyline and elements of writing within the context of admissions. Each essay is evaluated to exacting standards, resulting in precise, knowledgeable, and individualized feedback on style, voice, clarity, and story logic that you can use to strengthen your student’s subsequent revisions.

The New Bridge IEC Essay Review includes encouraging commentary for the student writer highlighting what works, and a more critical evaluative commentary for the IEC to understand why the essay has gone wrong and how to redirect the essay’s focus to optimize clarity and effectiveness. Because the essay review is not simply an edit, but is intended as a teaching tool for you to learn key concepts that you can implement in your own consulting practice. You will grow as an essay reviewer and be able to apply this knowledge to future essay evaluations. Therefore, the IEC Essay Review goes beyond what a student would get on their own in a New Bridge Essay Evaluation.

While this is a full review, the document is for your eyes only. You decide what to use and what to share with your student.

For IEC specialists, New Bridge offers a 30% discount on regular prices. The discount is reflected below.

Essay Reviewer Turn-around Time Cost Add-on Review of Revised Essay Supplemental Essay Review
Linda Lowen and Stephanie Bartling 7-14 days $350 $210 $210
Harry Bauld 7-14 days $525 $280 $280

For IECs who want to utilize the New Bridge Essay Review with more than one student’s essay, or on an ongoing basis, we offer a partnership program with a further discounted price rate.

Harry Bauld IEC Essay Mentoring

An IEC can partner with Harry Bauld to work through a student’s college essay. Harry will guide your student through a 1-hour essay development meeting, with both the student and IEC present. You will learn through observing Harry utilize his innovative methods of working with students to bring out their most creative and individualized voice. Immediately after the 1-hour essay development meeting, Harry and the IEC will discuss major takeaways from the session and how to apply techniques to your work with students. The IEC will have time to ask questions to help improve their essay services to the student, and to all of their clients.

Harry also offers IECs other mentoring options, such as:

  • Write your own essay with Harry
  • Meetings to discuss essay coaching process, review essay drafts, or address any challenge that prevents you from offering your best essay services to clients
Harry Bauld’s Other IEC and Counselor Services

Harry Bauld is available for presentations within these topics and more to students, teachers, counselors, and IEC professionals:

  • How Students Can Craft an Outstanding College Admissions Essay
  • How Students Can Navigate Supplement Essays
  • Professional Development for English Teachers Who Teach College Admissions Essays
  • Professional Development for English Teachers Who Teach Personal Narrative Writing in the Classroom
Recommended Reading List for Counselors

On Writing the College Application EssayOn Writing the College Application Essay, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Key to Acceptance at the College of Your Choice, by Harry Bauld

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