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Your college application hinges on your college essay. It’s your voice on the page telling your story, and you want to grip your reader right with the opening sentence. You have the potential to tell that great story but it’s how you do it that will make your essay unforgettable. 

The goal is to be specific, engaging, and completely yourself, but how do you tap into that authentic voice? It’s not a skill taught in school. Most students have never written an informal creative biography before. 

The truth is, every single word attaches value to your story. Your essay determines how invested the admission reader becomes in your application, which impacts admissions and scholarship decisions.

Already have a draft completed but you’re not sure that it’s a winning essay? Does it capture who you are and what you want to convey to admissions readers?

New Bridge helps students identify those winning stories and craft a truly distinctive essay, enabling them to rise above other applicants in the admissions review.

The New Bridge essay process will give you the effective elements of storytelling and help you grow into a better writer, a skill that is critical to your future academic success.

New Bridge will provide a comprehensive review that critiques both storyline and elements of writing within the context of admissions. Essay specialist Linda Lowen applies her expertise as a professional writer and veteran book reviewer for Publishers Weekly (regarded as the bible of the book publishing industry).


Each essay is evaluated to exacting standards, resulting in precise, knowledgeable, and individualized feedback on style, voice, clarity, and story logic that you can use to strengthen your subsequent revisions.

Stephanie Bartling, New Bridge Founder, will share her perspective as a 30-year admissions professional and counselor on how the essay will be read by admissions and make suggestions for improvement.


Together, their combined and unmatched evaluative skills will guide each student to produce a high-level, tightly-structured storyline that improves narrative clarity and emotional resonance. Your individualized essay assessment will position you for greater success in the admissions process.

Submit your essay and receive feedback within the timeframe of your choice. 

Our tip from previous years: It’s in your best interest to choose an option with a longer lead time. We’ve found that last-minute efforts rarely reflect a student’s best work.

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ServiceTurn-around timeCostAdd-on review of revised essay*Supplemental Essay Review**
Regular14 days$500$300$300
Rush7 days$750$400$400
Speed72 hours$1,000$650$650
Extreme24 hours$2,000$1,000$1,000
Add-on Reviews

* Main Essay Revision: 

This service provides subsequent feedback on revisions resulting from the initial New Bridge essay review. It meets the same quality standards and covers the same elements as the original review. Committing to your add-on review at the time of your initial selection guarantees that this service will be available. As admissions deadlines draw nearer, we reserve the right to discontinue this option.

** Supplemental Essay Review:

This service provides a comprehensive review of a supplemental essay and covers the same elements as the main essay review. Committing to your supplemental essay review at the time of your initial selection guarantees that this service will be available. As admissions deadlines draw nearer, we reserve the right to discontinue this option.

Harry Bauld Select Essay Review

Author Harry Bauld of “On Writing the College Application Essay,” the longest-running book on the admission essay, provides his feedback on your essay using his 30 years of experience as a professional writer and White House-recognized expert teacher.

Coming Soon Checkout Form
ServiceTurn-around timeCost
Regular14 days$750
Rush7 days$1,000
Speed72 hours$1,500
Extreme24 hours$2,750

Main Admissions Essay Coaching

Writing the college essay can be one of the most daunting assignments you’ll face in high school. The stress of ‘getting it right’ can lead to procrastination and last-minute attempts that produce less-than-ideal results. Instead of freezing in fear, you can turn this opportunity to your advantage. 

With the knowledge and support of a one-on-one writing coach, you’ll be guided through the process of identifying a unique topic and writing an essay that expresses who you are as an individual and how your assets can contribute to the vibrancy of a college campus.

New Bridge has developed a step-by-step methodology to students tap into their creativity, develop writing skills and confidence, craft an essay with an authentic voice, and how they present themselves in the admissions process. 

Essay coaching is available in conjunction with college selection and application consulting to optimize results.

Contact New Bridge for more information and availability.