Will the pandemic shut down colleges?

Students in 2020 are facing a completely different college experience than their parents, older siblings, or even former high school peers one to two years ahead of them. Many families are worried about the changing landscape of higher education. This is one of those hot-button topics. I am getting a lot of inquiries about theContinue reading “Will the pandemic shut down colleges?”

Monastery or minimum security prison?

Across the country, colleges and universities are trying to figure out how to handle in-person classes this fall. A cross between a monastery and a minimum security prison? What to consider regarding going to college in the fall. This article is excellent. Every parent with a child planning to attend college in the fall shouldContinue reading “Monastery or minimum security prison?”

The confusion of back-to-college

As colleges plan for the future, you and your family are doing the same thing. So what can we expect for this fall semester and beyond? This has been a big week in higher education as universities announce their plans for fall and Covid cases increase. Students are increasingly confused about whether or not toContinue reading “The confusion of back-to-college”