The confusion of back-to-college

As colleges plan for the future, you and your family are doing the same thing. So what can we expect for this fall semester and beyond?

This has been a big week in higher education as universities announce their plans for fall and Covid cases increase. Students are increasingly confused about whether or not to enroll in fall, spring, or neither terms. Vanity Fair puts it bluntly in their article, “Coronavirus is Blowing Up America’s Higher Education System.”

In response, I am developing a special service to guide families on these questions. During a 90-minute session, we will assess the situation and options for the student using factors such as major, year in school, learning style, campus plan, financial aid, and other personal and academic circumstances.

If you’re struggling with these decisions, click on the Contact page in the Menu bar and get in touch with me. I can send you further details.

Photo of Cornell University by Emily Xie on Unsplash

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